The images on this site are published using technology provided by SmartFrame. This page answers some common questions about this technology.

How to embed a SmartFrame image on your site
  1. Register your site and follow the steps outlined in the onboarding process.
  2. Once you have completed this process, log in to the Six Nations Rugby Official Photography Library and explore the collection.
  3. Select an image you would like to use and click on the </> Embed button to its side. This will copy the embed code to your clipboard.
  4. Now simply navigate to your website’s CMS and select the HTML/Text editing option, before pasting the code wherever you want the image to appear.
What is a SmartFrame image?

A SmartFrame is an image that is published and displayed using SmartFrame’s image-streaming technology.


This technology ensures that images are displayed in the optimal way across all devices, with the additional ability to zoom into ultra-fine details and view images across the full dimensions of a display.


It also incorporates many interactive features, such as captions to provide context and accreditation, as well as buttons that allow images to be shared with others.


Furthermore, it offers multi-layered security for the image owner and valuable analytics on image usage.

Why is this service free?

Serving occasional advertising in the images embedded on your site allows us to offer these images free of charge and maintain a great service for all users.


How do I profit from the display of these embedded images?

Publishers that are signed up to the SmartFrame Publisher Programme, and that embed these SmartFrame images on their site(s), are entitled to a share of revenues from advertising served within these images.


These advertisements, which appear only occasionally, are always selected based on relevance and suitability. Revenues generated from this are divided between the content provider, service provider, and publisher, creating a fair and transparent image ecosystem.


Why is the image I embedded not displayed correctly on my site?

SmartFrame will check that your site is capable of displaying these images as part of the registration process. Nevertheless, there are a number of reasons why a SmartFrame image may not be displayed correctly.


One possibility is that the code used to embed the image was copied incorrectly, or was amended in some way. If you suspect this may be the case, please try to embed the image again using the same process as before.


An image might also not be displayed correctly when previewing a page that has not been made live yet, even if it displayed without any issues in a live environment. This is not a fault.


If you find that an embedded image isn’t visible in both staging and live environments, please check the embed code has been copied and pasted correctly.

Which browsers support the display of SmartFrame images?

SmartFrame’s technology is supported by most popular browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, as well as Brave, Opera, and other Chromium-based browsers.


Should a SmartFrame image be loaded in an unsupported browser, the image within it will be displayed as a small thumbnail, without any interactive elements. Read more about browser support


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